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Help and FAQ

1. General usable information

How can I find the right structure for the period I wish to come in holiday?
In the research Box Fast Booking, select the arrival and departure date, quantity of people and click on SEARCH. The system will answer the request informing you about availabilitys.

How can i search or book for a structure?
Once you select the box named "Fast Booking" and search on the list of structures we illustrate, you can decide and give all details to please your needs.

How can I find out if the structure i have choosen has a swimming pool or other services I could want to use?
Selecting the box "Fast Booking" you will find a list of structures. Each structure has a web page you can verify to please your requirements and verify the services they each offer. If you want you can  click on ADVANCED SEARCH and choose the service you need

Where can I find specific info concerning the structure I have chosen?
All information related to each structure are listed on our web site. Selecting the name of the structure you will find the particular information you require. You will also receive more details in the booking confirmation email we send.

How will I find my structure when I arrive?
On the web page of the structure all direction information are listed.

2. Rooms

What is the diffence between double room and twin room?
A double room is a marital room. A twin room is composed of two single beds.

We have two children staying with us can we add two single beds to our room?
Each structure has different regulations. We usually do accept to add one bed to the room with an additionl cost. We suggest you verify the disponibility of this special request in the booking.

Is it generally possible to add a third bed in a bedroom  and what is the cost?
It is possible to add another bed to the room but you have to specify on your booking this request.

3. Costs

How are payments for rooms organised?
All costs are listed on the web site payments are ruled for each room per night depending on the type of room required.

Are there any additional costs to be added at the booking price?
No additional payments will be required at the booking price.

Is breakfast included in the service of the structure?
Once you choose the strucutre you wish to book, in the booking selection you will find all specific details for this request.

Are taxes included in the cost of the room?
Taxes are included in the cost of the service. If taxes are not inclusive it will be of your knowledge.

Are there any reductions or special offers on tariffs?
All special offers and discounts are illustrated on the web site will also find out you have further offers also by simply booking with us.

4. Credit Card and Payments

Why are credit card details requested?
Credit card details are requested only as guarantee of the booking. If at the date and location of the booking you do not appear or you cancell in delay to our terms and conditions, we will then debit on your card the price equivalent of one night stay in the structure you had chosen.

Are any Payments in Advance requested?
Payments will be made in the structure during your stay. If payments in advance are required, it will be advertised on the web page of the structure you wish to stay in, on the website

Wich credit card type do you accept for booking?
MasterCard, Visa ed American Express are always accepted.

Can I pay my stay in advance?
Each structure has its own regulation. If you wish to pay in advance we suggest to contact the structure requested for your booking. The email of confirmation for the booking has all the details you need to conctact the structure for this selection.

Could I make my payments to you in different ways?
Since the credit card details are only given to confirm the booking once you are staying in the structure you selected, you are free to choose how you wish to make the payment or use the same credit card of confirmation for payments.

I've been charged an amount on my credit card before my stay? Can I have a refund?
The structure you request for your stay is directly responsible. You need to contact them immediately, you will find the contact details in the email you receive as a confirmation of your booking.

I do not have a credit card. Can I make a booking anyway?
Our rules and procidings do not validate a booking without a credit card guarantee. You can anyway e-mail us to have more information and find a solution.

5. Bookings

How can I be sure that my booking is made with you?
As soon as you make the booking and procede threw each step of the details requested, we immediately send you by email a confirmation of the booking. We suggest you print this confirmation as a reference of your booking and for further information you will find the contact details listed on the same confirmation.

Can I book a room by telephone or by email?
The web site was created to make fast online booking. For more information you can anyway send us an email at If you require assistance you can contact us at:

I have booked a service but I have not received a confirmation. What should I do?
The more frequent reason is usually the email address you sent us was not correct. Please make sure you verify it's correct while you make the booking. If you need further assistance contact us at, sending us the information we require to help you.

How many rooms can I reserve per booking?
Our rules authorise a maximum of 5 rooms per booking. If you wish to book for more rooms send us an email with the request for booking, quantity of rooms needed, name of the strucutre you have decided to stay at. For this choice email us at: or if you require assistance write us at

Is it possible to book a room to use only during daytime?
Sorry but it isn't possible.

6. Services and conditions of the structure

How are times related to check-in/arrival and check-out/departure organised?
Times vary depending on the chosen structure organisation. You will find this information selecting the web page of the structure you have booked where you will also find contact numbers if you wish to speak to someone to assist you.

What happens if I arrive early or later to the structure I have chosen for my stay?
We suggest to cotact immediately the structure you have booked to comunicate this information.

I will be arriving later in the evening will there be someone waiting for me at the arrival in the structure?
The time of arrival (check-in) is illustrated  in the general description of the structure you have chosen. We anyway suggest you to contact the structure for further requirements.

Is the parking available in the structure?
In the general description of the structure you will find this detail. Two are usually the choises:  "garage" or "parking". If no solution are described for this matter we suggest to email the chosen structure for more details.

Are transfers included in the structure service? If not how can I book this service?
Each structure offers different services, we suggest you verify each offer to decide wich structure may satisfy in a better way your requirements.

Are pets permitted in the structures listed on the web site?
On the main menu you will have to double click "ADVANCED SEARCH". You will then have to write the term "pets" to have more detailed information related to your special request.

How can I have more details related to special services offered in the structure?
Consulting the web page of each structure you will find all necessary information for each sigle structure. If particular assistance is required you will find it by looking at the address printed at the end on the booking confirmation letter:

What happens if I wish to have more info related to the room in the stuctureI will be staying at?
We suggest you contact the structure using the "notes" link you will find in the booking web page or send an email directly to the chosen structure:

7. Reserved Area and Cancellation

What is my reserved area and how can I select it?
If you have booked our services on the web site you have the right to enter in a reserved area created for you, you will be entitled to access your personal booking details. You can enter the reserved area by login the email address you used to make the booking. If you use the same Pc you used when you made the booking you may automatically be recognised by the web site.

How can I cancel or modify my booking?
You can cancel your reservation by selecting "login" enter in your booking page and without any difficulties you will be able to make the cancellation. If you require assistance do not hesitate to contact us:

Can the structure cancel or modify my booking?
The structure is entitled to cancel your booking if the credit card details you give are not valid, you will anyway be informad if such circumstance happens. Modification to booking do not take place in our structures.

If I make a cancellation is there an extra fee to pay?
For cancellation fees we remind you to always read the terms and conditions related to the structure you were wishing to use for your stay. You will find the address and details of the structure on the email of confirmation of the booking we have sent you.

How will I be confirmed the cancellation of my booking?
If you decide to cancel a booking we send you a confirmation of cancellation. If you do not receive an email informing you of the cancellation please remind us about you details via email at

What happens if I forget my password?
Select the link named "forgotten password?" located under the box named fast booking, follow instructions and the system will provide by sending you a new password.

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